Display of respect to those in power, in Indian culture.

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

An important part of Indian culture is an expectation of “display of respect” from those who are younger or are considered socially inferior (as in, ladki wale, including the female spouse; employees; some castes, subordinates; anybody who might appear less powerful, etc.)

We express this respect in a huge variety of subtle and obvious ways.

Obedience and subservience are  seen as displaying respect.

Another obvious way of displaying respect is the custom of covering the head or in some cases, the entire face by women, or not making eye contact.

Other ways are adding jee, ma’am, sir; being formal, not being too familiar, not calling the person by their name (even if married to the person). This makes  communication difficult in some situations and relationships.

The one who is being displayed respect can be familiar in some ways like they can ask personal questions and take personal decisions for the…

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